Jet Charter New Jersey
Affordable Private Air Travel

Your days of standing in line in a crowded wondering whether you will make your flight are over. When you're ready to go… Jet Charter New Jersey is ready to go.

Serving the New Jersey area for over 20 years, Jet Charter New Jersey specializes in putting passengers in the seats of the most luxurious private planes imaginable at the most affordable rates.

We provide our clients hassle free private air travel with the safest jets in the industry.

Share In The Air
Save On The Fare

Jet Charter New Jersey offers a share ride program saving you thousands of dollars by simply sharing the aircraft with other business professionals. In addition, our Jet Charter New Jersey Diamond Card Awards Program offers frequent fliers substantially lower fares and other valuable discounts.

Jet Charter New Jersey has thousands of jets at its disposal and travels to hundreds of destinations worldwide. We work directly with the charter operators to secure the most expedited routes in the industry.

Jet Charter New Jersey: Let's Party In The Sky!!

Jet Charter Jacksonville - Private PatiesImagine taking your friends to Barbados for the weekend or a romantic getaway to St. Lucia… Jet Charter New Jersey wants to make it happen! We also specialize in organizing travel for all special events including birthday, wedding and holiday parties.

So don't settle for first class – fly the ultimate class with Jet Charter New Jersey. Find out how affordable it is to turn your dreams of private air travel into a reality. Your dreams are ready for takeoff at Jet Charter New Jersey!

Jet Charter New Jersey specializes in on demand charters, point-to-point one-way flights, and discounted "empty leg" flights - and there are literally thousands of them available on a daily basis. For example: a typical one-way charter from New Jersey to Miami could cost up to $15,000 on a large jet, but if your schedule is flexible... the same flight may cost as low as $5,900. And that's not per person... that price includes EVERYONE in your travel party.

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Disclaimer: Hollywood Jet Management Inc. (HJMI) serves as an agent/broker for our customers in obtaining air charter services. HJMI does not own or operate aircraft. Carriers are fully certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation. Carriers are solely responsible for the air transportation arranged by HJMI on behalf of our customers.

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